Future Headspace is an experiment in the commercialization of identity and its impact on the perceptions of reality in regards to how they are portrayed within the traditions of western civilization. The work playfully mimics esoteric symbolism in an effort to create surreal narratives that expose the fragility of meaning and undermine the hierarchies that subjugate creative thought.

The art work, writings and projects explore memories not yet made; experiences that one dreams about, as if happened to the ‘other’ self, but realised days later as happening in the real world to ones conscious self. My aim is to challenge the orthodox concepts of truth. I hope to establish in all viewers the possibility that everything is true, (as well as the possibility that nothing is true; but if that is true, that ‘nothing is true’, then that in itself cancels itself out, leaving only the possibility that ‘everything is true’, plausible) and that all perceptions are as integral to the constructs of human reality as a total unified theory of understanding; understanding nothing has as much clarity as understanding everything.

My recent explorations discuss the repetition of archetypal religious imagery and the resulting disassociation of subject and meaning. I find it whimsical that once upon a time repetition was used to enforce and underscore dogmatic traditions, but now only serves, in my opinion, as an analogy of our contemporary acquisition of a copy & paste culture.

Tradition and modernity are very rarely mutually beneficial, and as our whole world is governed on the presumption of archaic religious ideologies, the Modern is at odds with the paradigm within which it exists.

*** Video contains flashing lights ***

*** well, a flashing light!***